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Speaking Events

Looking For A Speaker For Your Next Event?

There are plenty to choose from. Some excel at informing, others at entertaining. Some excel at educating, others at motivating. There are precious few, however, who excel at all of these assignments. Dr. Joe Novello is one of them. He will touch your audience with his humor, stimulate with his wisdom, stir with his challenges, and entertain with quotes, notes, and anecdotes.

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Here's What Others are Saying

"He was terrific...added a wonderful dimension... ability to relate to both kids and adults made the whole thing click... He was the glue that held the program together."
Rory Benson, National Assoc. of Broadcasters, Washington, DC

"Wonderful...touched a lot of people... he's been invited back by popular demand."
Jan Bennett, Women's Conference of US Senator Orrin Hatch, Salt Lake City, Utah

"..offered excellent, practical ideas on student behavior and developmental milestones...our teachers want him to come back."
Lee Meiners, Principal, Hyattsville, Maryland

"Excellent moderator...made program flow smoothly... appealed to diverse audience of scientists, patients, general public... took a complex subject and made it both understandable and interesting, very well received by all."
Steve Erickson, National Communications Director, Arthritis Foundation National Office, Atlanta, Georgia


Dr. Novello is available for speaking engagements throughout the country. For further information, including a complete lost of specific topics, call (703) 723-2999.


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