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Joseph R. Novello, M.D., maintains a private practice of adult and child/adolescent psychiatry in Washington, D.C. Dr. Novello is also a qualified expert in forensic psychiatry and has participated in a wide range of civil and criminal cases.

Dr. Novello graduated with honors from the University of Notre Dame where he received the F.A. Miller Award for journalism and the O'Donnell Medal as the top graduating senior in communication arts. He earned his medical degree from the University of Michigan, completed a medicine-surgery internship at Cleveland Metropolitan Hospital, and practiced as a general family physician before entering the U.S. Navy as a flight surgeon. Upon completion of his military service, Dr. Novello chose a career in adult and child psychiatry and completed his training at the University of Michigan. He has served as the director of child and adolescent services at The Psychiatric Institute of Washington and was founder of the Gateway, a residential treatment program for alcohol and drug abuse.

Dr. Novello has authored two textbooks on psychiatry and has contributed several scientific papers to the medical literature. In addition, he has written three popular books for parents. His featured column, "You and Your Child," appeared each week in Woman's World magazine for many years. Dr. Novello's most recent book, The Myth of More, is about finding happiness in life by overcoming character flaws called "lifetraps" and discovering spiritual values.

Dr. Novello has received numerous awards, including election to the American College of Psychiatrists and Fellowship in the American Psychiatric Association. He has also received a Best Doctors in America Award and the Medallion of the US Surgeon General. Georgetown University has bestowed upon him its Vicennial Award for his service as a member of their clinical faculty.

Dr. Novello has been a consultant to the National Naval Medical Center and the Inter-American Development Bank and has served as health issues advisor to US Senator John Warner of Virginia.

Dr. Novello is well-known to the general public through his media activities. In Washington, he has hosted his own daily radio call-in program on WMAL and his regular feature, "The Family Doctor," has appeared on WJLA-TV News.

Dr. Novello has also been active in the media on the national level. His syndicated radio program "Healthtime" has been heard daily in over 300 cities and he has often appeared on network and cable TV news programs and talk shows as well as programs such as Nightline, Good Morning America and The Today Show.

As a national spokesperson, Dr. Novello has teamed up with Alice Faye, legendary screen star of the '30s and '40s on a coast to coast speaking tour. The tour, "Help Yourself to Good Health," provided health tips to senior citizens and received numerous awards from mayors and governors across the country.

Dr. Novello's charitable work includes serving as the founder and president of Lifeline, and board member of several organizations including Pencils for Kids International and Nyumbani, an AIDS orphanage in Kenya.

Commentator, consultant, author and teacher, Dr. Novello is first and foremost a practicing physician who believes that public education is a vital and necessary step towards good health. His motto is: Good Science - and Good Sense.

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